Win It Wednesday - September 2nd, 2020 – Monrow Farms
Win It Wednesday - September 2nd, 2020

Win It Wednesday - September 2nd, 2020

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This Package made its way to Houston, Texas!

Check out the Win It Wednesday prize for this week, Sept 2nd! One Lucky winner will be notified in less than 24hrs, letting them know they've won! Who will it be, YOU?!

Included in this big prize is: 

  • 300mg Honey Lemon Tincture
  • 1/2oz Taz's Gift - in fancy glass jar
  • Mini Sherlock Bubbler
  • Zig-Zag Hemp Rolling Paper - 50 sleeves
  • 1 Green Calcite Stone

This weeks winner will receive a wonderful package from us! The 300mg Honey Lemon oil can make a huge difference in ones sleep, or aid with calming those with anxiety. The 300mg is also a low enough dosage that can be used for older dogs that may be in pain. CBD is great for pets as well as us!

Taz's Gift is a sweet blend picked by Taz himself. This 3 strain blend promotes mental clarity and creativity, its a smooth, sweet smoke for anytime of the day. 

The Green calcite stone is believed to be a mental healing stone. It can represent positive changes in ones life, encourages forgiveness of ones self and helps one feel compassion. A great heart chakra stone


We do have the option for you to purchase now, if you'd like, but the flower will be packaged in our Monrow jar and not the pictured one if you are buying.