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The Monrow Package
The Monrow Package

The Monrow Package

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We are beyond thrilled to be offering these new unique sets. Monrow's -  'The Monrow Package' sets are perfect for someone coming into the CBD world for their first time and looking for a bundled deal. They also make the perfect gift for any occasion, or just as a gift to yourself! 

Enjoy a sweet smoke out of a beautiful piece of art. Included is the perfect size grinder to pack a pungent green bowl, cleanly light it with your hemp wick, then sit back and enjoy the smooth clean smoke.  

We are offering a daytime and a nighttime package. The Daytime includes our special Sativa Blend, a perfect blend of Hawaiian Haze and Lifter small flower that encourages mental clarity and motivation to your day. 

Our Nighttime option offers our Indica dominant blend, a 50/50 mix of Special Sauce and Suver Haze small flower, this combo promotes a great nights sleep as it helps relax the mind, body and soul. 

What the Set includes:  

  •  6 inch Glass Water Pipe *Colors&Styles Vary*
  • 1oz Sativa Blend OR Indica Blend
  •  40mm Zinc Grinder - 3 Chambers *colors vary*
  •  1 - Raw Hemp Wick - 10 ft 
  •  Priority 2 Day Shipping  

The ultimate CBD Package, treat yourself or a loved one. 

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