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Special Sauce Small Flower
Special Sauce Small Flower

Special Sauce Small Flower

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Organically grown in the beautiful southern Oregon Rouge Valley, our Special Sauce contains a very pleasant 17.0% CBDa, and 0.01% Δ9-THC with tightly trimmed, seedless flowers that have been grown lovingly on our organic plot of land and are ready for your personal use.

While our Special Sauce has an amazing cure and smell, it's not until you get into the fruity aroma, puff the clean smoke and finish with the pleasant aftertaste it offers that you REALLY begin to appreciate how loaded it is with trichomes.  A long time favorite of many, we believe the uniqueness of our Special Sauce flower will make it a favorite for years to come!

Also we can place your favorite flower in our NUG Jar when ordering 1/4 and 1/2 oz quantities, all other flower will arrive in a Mylar NUG Bag

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