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OX KUSH CBD Hemp Flower
OX KUSH CBD Hemp Flower
OX KUSH CBD Hemp Flower

OX KUSH CBD Hemp Flower

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OX KUSH CBD Hemp Flower 

This unque strain was bread out over 2019 by Dustin Hardin. The OX Kush will be in full production for the coming 2021 session and widely offered then. For now, we give you a small taste of our efforts and please look for this strain exclusively here next year. This is a Clone only strain and has not been released to the public. There are No seeds or cuts of this available so if others say that have it... they don't.

Strain Overview:

Cherry X Berry Kush

15% CBD

Terps 1.86

Rich in Sesquiterpenes, these compounds are known for their calming properties and they also can be supportive to the immune system in protecting us from harmful microbes, acting as antioxidants, and assisting in cellular repair.

With .22% Alpha-bisabolol:   The terpene Bisabolol is commonly found in chamomile and is known for its fresh floral fragrance with a sweet hint of spice or citrus. 

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