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OMNI  Delta 8 CBD Flower
OMNI  Delta 8 CBD Flower
OMNI  Delta 8 CBD Flower
OMNI  Delta 8 CBD Flower
OMNI  Delta 8 CBD Flower

OMNI Delta 8 CBD Flower

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Harvested: 2020

OMNI Hemp flower 

 Total Cannabinoids: 27.14%

The "OMNI CBD Flower" is a joining of all things hemp. We have taken Sour Space candy and infused it with Delta8 and then add a healthy dose of fresh CBG Kief. 

The "Omni" name comes from the rich and present Full spectrum of Cannabinoids found in this new creation.  Each flower is a well balanced offering cannabinoids, that will help with the on come Entourage Effect. 

Delta 8 is becoming known to give a "head in the clouds" type of feeling without any paranoia. We suggest you use it cautiously starting with 1 to 2 puffs at a time and seeing how you feel and what your body's reaction is to it.  Delta 8 is showing to give a sedative type "high" that is less potent than the traditional THC and comes without paranoia and anxiousness. 

This is a wonderful choice for a relaxing evening easing you into a great nights rest. Its also a great option for those of you coming out of the THC world and into the Hemp world, yet still looking for effects more potent than CBD. 


Strain Overview:

Indica Dominant/Potent Strain

Taste & Smell: Sour/Sweet/Earthy

Sedative/Relaxing/Mental & Physical Ease


Cannabinoid Overview:

Total CBD: 7.7%

CBDA: 8.2%

Delta Nine THC: .18%

CBG: 14.46%

Delta 8: 1.96

Total Cannabinoids: 27.14%

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