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Magna CBD Hemp Flower Pre-Roll's
Magna CBD Hemp Flower Pre-Roll's

Magna CBD Hemp Flower Pre-Roll's

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Get one, six, or a dozen!

Organically grown in the beautiful southern Oregon Rouge Valley, this Hybrid strain pulls towards a Sativa feel, leaving you feeling energized, yet relaxed and clear to get through your day with a positive mind.

Magna's bud structure is dense and cured perfectly. Its aroma is fruity, sweet and purely delicious. This flower smokes smoothly and tastes just as it smells- amazing! 

Quick summary of testing: 14.9% CBDa and 0.01% Delta 9 THC

Fun Fact: The Latin meaning of Magna is "Great" and we believe this strain lives up to its name! 

Customers have told us this strain is great with relieving stress, anxiety and pain. 

We hand grind fresh CBD flower buds and hand pack each Raw King Cone ourselves to make for a premium hemp roll. Single pre-roll orders will be a shipped in a joint tube, six and a dozen count orders will come in our branded Gold or Black metal flip tin.


All packaging comes discreet and smell proof.