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Jah'Makin' Peace Package
Jah'Makin' Peace Package
Jah'Makin' Peace Package

Jah'Makin' Peace Package

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We just want to spread love and kindness throughout the nation and these are the most crucial times to do so.. We encourage you to spread your smile and shine your light bright!

One persons smile can spread to thousands more..

Our Jah'Makin' Peace Package features 7 items that will surely help you relax through these difficult times and is priced right, for a great bundled deal!

Items Included:

  • 1 oz Hawaiian Haze Small CBD Hemp Flower, in a glass jar
  • Single, 1 gram Magna Pre-Roll
  • Bob Marley metal rolling tray
  • Rasta Pipe
  • BananaGoo High Hemp Wraps - 2pack *out of stock, replacing with 2 rolling paper books*
  • 10ft Hemp Wick
  • Orange Calcite Stone - 2 small stones

Orange Calcite stone represents, inspiration and creative work flow. It is believed by many that this stone is highly energizing and a cleansing stone, that may help overcome fear and sadness. It has also been associated with fertility which is beauty in itself. 

Whether you believe in those thoughts or not, we still thought it was the perfect little addition for some extra beauty and love in the package. We Jah wanna make yah SMILE :)

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