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Hawaiian Haze CBD Buds
Hawaiian Haze - CBD Flower
Hawaiian Haze - CBD Flower

Hawaiian Haze - CBD Flower

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2019 harvested Hawaiian Haze. Smalls to medium size buds 

Hawaiian Haze comes in at 17.5% CBDa, and 0.018% Δ9-THC. Let us take you away this winter to the Islands. A very clean and energetic CBD smoke that will get you moving, at the same time relax. Hawaiian Haze is a sativa CBD Flower, which makes it a great day time smoke and leaves you feeling mental clarity to get your day moving. 

Smell Profile: sweet/skunk smell. 

We can place your favorite flower in our round nug jar when ordering 1/4oz and 1/2 oz quantities. Our nug jars are made from recycled glass and have a sleek-black, metal, screw top lid. All other flowers will arrive in a smell proof Mylar nug bag

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