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Hawaiian Haze CBD Pre-Roll
Hawaiian Haze CBD Pre-Roll
Hawaiian Haze CBD Pre-Roll

Hawaiian Haze CBD Pre-Roll

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Get one, six, or a dozen!

These 1 gram pre-rolls are a convenient option for any CBD lover chasing a good smoke.  Hawaiian haze has a sweet-fruity-citrus flavor profile and effects that promote mental clarity, creativity and motivation. Customers have told us this strain is great in combination with being on the go. 

We hand grind fresh CBD flower buds and hand pack each Raw King Cone ourselves to make for a premium hemp roll. Single pre-roll orders will be a shipped in a joint tube, six and a dozen count orders will come in our branded Gold or Black metal flip tin.

Hawaiian haze is a classic, much loved Sativa Dominant CBD Hemp Flower strain. This beauty is ready to uplift you and aid you throughout any day.  Hawaiian Haze is a strong hemp strain known for elevating moods, relieving stress and creatively motivating you through anything. 


Strain Overview:
Sativa Dom
Taste & Smell: Citrus/Sweet/Fruit
Effects: Elevates Mood, Body Ease, Mental Clarity, Motivation 


Cannabinoid Overview:

Total Cannabinoids: 17.8%
Total CBD: 14%
Total CBG: 0.93%
Delta 9 THC: .6%

All packaging comes discreet and smell proof.