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Gassy Orange Zest CBD Hemp Flower

Gassy Orange Zest CBD Hemp Flower

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Harvested: 2020

Gassy Orange Zest

This strain is simply wonderful in so many ways; the aroma is full of Citrus/Sour/GASSY notes. Gassy Orange is a hybrid that helps induce a sense of calm within the mind and motivation for the body, working as a natural fuel to keep you running smoothly. This strain is ready to charge your endocannabinoid system with feel good vibes. 


Strain Overview: 

Hybrid CBD Strain

Taste & Smell: Citrus/Sweet/Sour Gas/Diesel 

Effects: Mind Calming/Body Ease & Motivation 


Cannabinoid Overview:

Total Cannabinoids: 14.7%

Total Terpenes: 2.047%

Total CBD: 12%

Total CBG: 0.45%

Total Detla 9 THC: 0.02


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