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Cherry Abacus & Sherlock
Cherry Abacus & Sherlock

Cherry Abacus & Sherlock

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Combine & SAVE

5 Inch Sherlock Pipe & 4 Grams Cherry Abacus Hemp Flower

A sweet steal of a deal for you. Enjoy some of our fruity-sweet Cherry Abacus CBD flower out of a sleek Sherlock Pipe. Feel the mental ease and relaxation warm your body. The perfect way to end your evening and unwind for a great nights rest.  

Strain Overview:


Fruity/Floral Aroma and Taste 

Relaxing/Body Ease

Mental Focus

Aids in Slowing racing/anxious thoughts  


Cannabinoid Overview:

Total Cannabinoids: 17.8%

Total CBD: 14%

Total CBG: 0.63%

Delta 9 THC: .1%