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CBG White Hemp Flower
CBG White Hemp Flower
CBG White Hemp Flower
CBG White Hemp Flower - Under Federal Legal limit of THC

CBG White Hemp Flower

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2020 harvest!! (Greenhouse Grown)


Get ready for the ultimate Calm..

What is CBG?

CBG is a more rare cannabinoid found in cannabis, breeders are working hard daily to produce more CBG strains as it is brand new in the growing community. Our CBG White gets its name from the amazing amount of white Trichomes that COVER the bud. The Champagne of cannabinoids and work well on its own and mixed with other CBD flowers!


Strain Overview:

Taste & Smell: Lite melon
Effects: Elevates Mood, Body Ease, Mental Clarity, Motivation 


Cannabinoid Overview:

Total Cannabinoids: 17%
Total CBD: LOQ
Total CBG: 15%
Delta 9 THC: LOQ%

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