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8oz Vanilla Soy Candle

8oz Vanilla Soy Candle

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Welcome our 8oz Vanilla soy wax candle, garnished with organic lavender and rose petals, sprinkled with CBD Flower and grounded with healing agate crystals. A soothing candle hand crafted by us. 

Vanilla & Lavender are known for their soothing properties so we knew they were a must for our candles. We've infused Vanilla essential oil into the soy wax and dropped fresh lavender into the mix, along with gorgeous rose petals; a seriously perfect melody. Top it off with a little CBD garnishing and its perfect!

At the bottom of the candle you will find a mix of Brazilian Agate crystals, we feel that agates are a very calming and grounding stone, bringing a feeling of security and inner peace, making it the perfect base of the candle. 

Combine & Save Option

For just $39.99 you can get our 8oz candle, a surprise pre-roll & a Fluorite crystal point!


Organic Soy Wax 

Vanilla Essential Oil

CBD Flower - Gassy Orange Zest 

Organic Rose Petals

Organic Lavender Petals

Brazilian Agates 

Sprinkle of Monrow Love 


All of our candles have been hand poured by us. We use organic soy wax, which is renewable and ethically produced. Soy wax is derived from soy beans making it a natural and safe alternative, with the added bonus of also being a Vegan product. This wonderful wax produces a soft natural lighting that burns slow and clean while producing a beautiful aroma throughout your home.