WHY CBG FLOWER? – Monrow Farms


CBG is a more rare cannabinoid found in cannabis, breeders are working hard daily to produce more CBG strains as it is brand new in the growing community. We are thankful we were able to have grown this wonderful strain for you all to enjoy!

CBG aka Cannabigerol is another super cannabinoid in the wonderful herb we call cannabis. While similar to CBD, CBG is different and unique in its own ways. This astounding cannabinoid is being researched medically for skin conditions, digestion (ex. Chromes), muscle and joint pain. Its showing to reduce inflammation, stop/slow the growth of cancer cells (in animal model studies) and so much more!

What sets CBG apart from CBD instantly is that it reacts directly with your CB1 and CB2 receptors. Now you may be asking yourself, I have CB..What receptors?! Thats right! You have CB1 receptors located in your beautiful brain and throughout your entire body, your CB2 receptors while also located in your brain (less densely than CB1 receptors) they are mainly located throughout your immune and gastrointestinal system. CBG directly binds with these receptors creating an efficient therapeutic exchange within your cells. The cannabinoid THC has this in common with CBG, both cannabinoids directly bind with these receptors throughout our bodies. Since the 2 cannabinoids both bind with our CB1 and CB2 receptors, it means that CBG while used in combo with cannabinoid THC can actually calm the psychoactive effects that THC causes. 

CBG is going to bring in very relaxing, NON-Psychoactive effects and can aid those with insomnia, joint pain, gastro issues, weak immune systems, anxiety, ptsd, arthritis, inflammation and much more. 


Determining Your Dose of CBG Flower

Everyone’s ideal dose of CBG flower is going to vary. Every strain will affect everyone differently. Since strains have differing ratios of CBG and other additional cannabinoids, consumers can try out many strains to determine what works best for them. Some people may be more sensitive to CBG than others.  Start off by consuming low doses of higher CBG cannabis flower. A low dose can be one to two inhalations from joint, blunt, vaporizer or water pipe. While it isn’t an exact science, the slower you go, the better you can determine your tolerance for CBG.

Buying cannabis flower solely based on a high CBG is (and should be) an outdated approach to cannabis consumption. Cannabis consumers are growing wise to the unique effects of high-CBG flower, which can enhance the overall experience. CBG-rich flower boasts robust relaxing effects that can benefit users. Strains including Super Sour CBG and CBG White (to name a few) aren’t psychoactive, but offer a potent pain-relieving, anti-inflammatory, and anxiety-reducing effects due to the high amounts of CBG and CBGA in the flower.