About – Monrow Farms


We are a small Oregon Hemp Company, working to only offer some of the best smokable hemp on the market. We sell top notch hemp flower along with our other hemp derived products, such as our Full Spectrum CBD Oils and a full menu of unique CBD related products.

Our hemp is grown organically, with a focus on the Medicinal relief our flower brings. Every year our soil gains fertility from our organic farming practices and pesticide free environment. This sets us off from other companies instantly, as we have full control over our crops and know we are growing them with honesty. We sell our products with integrity and love behind them, knowing that we are slowly helping lives across America. 

We take great pride in our customer service experience we are willing to provide you when needed. We are always here to chat through text, email or a phone call to just learn more about you and help guide you to what CBD product may best benefit you. With us being such a small company the chances of you talking to the same person each time you need help is, well a very good chance! We consider this a huge bonus to our customer base, as we truly get to know each one of you and eventually you grow straight into our wonderful Monrow Family! 


Oregon CBD — Seth and Eric Crawford have over 25 years of combined cannabis production experience and bring unique skill sets to the hemp industry. If you are interested in Feminized seed we only recommend them for seeds.

Mammoth Microbes: MAMMOTH P is the first product engineered and produced by Growcentia. Growcentia was founded by a team of three Colorado State University PhD soil microbiologists that share a passion for enhancing soil health and promoting sustainable agriculture.