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Zodiac Soy Candles
Zodiac Soy Candles
Zodiac Soy Candles

Zodiac Soy Candles

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About our candles,

Our Zodiac CBD candles have been hand poured by us. We use organic soy wax, which is renewable and ethically produced. Soy wax is derived from soy beans making it a natural and safe alternative, with the added bonus of also being a Vegan product. This wonderful wax produces a soft natural lighting that burns slow and clean while producing a beautiful aroma throughout your home.

The Candles are is 2.5 ounces and have an approximant 15 hour burn time.   


Vanilla Soy Candle,

Combined into the wax is Vanilla essential oil, a calming scent just about everyone loves. Vanilla is known as a relaxing scent that can help encourage a good nights rest. Aromatherapy benefits have shown that vanilla can directly effect our nerves, inducing a sense of calm upon our mind, body & soul. This candle is ready to give a feeling of peace to your space. Besides the wonderful vanilla, we've also combine our organically grown Gassy Orange Zest Hemp flower as light garnishing, giving it an earthy-grounding feel as it melts. At the bottom of this candle you will find a handful of Brazilian Agate stones, these sweet stones are there to pull in a sense of calming and mental stabilization. Agates are believed to bring balance and a calming to your inner struggles. 

Lavender Soy Candle, 

Combined into the wax is Lavender essential oil, a soothing and natural fragrance. Lavender can help energize the brain for a more productive mindset, while helping you unwind and produce a lower heart rate for a great nights rest. Next we top off the candle with some Sour Space Candy CBD garnishing and some mini healing crystal stones, it not only looks beautiful but adds a wonderful subtle hint of hemp flower and beauty while burning.

Orange Soy Candle,

We have pleasantly combined orange essential oils into the organic soy wax, creating the perfect morning candle. Orange is known to reduce anxiety and depression making it the perfect little scent to light up as you start your day. Try lighting up this sweet little candle early in the morning as the sun rises then, alongside the candle, go light up a Hawaiian Haze Pre-roll with it, talk about starting off a day right! Orange is such a sweet mind enhancing scent, it puts off a sweet citrus aroma with a subtle note of the Hawaiian Haze CBD Hemp Flower that its garnished with. We've also sprinkled a few chakra crystals for those extra feel good vibes. 


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