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300mg Pet Tinctures
300mg Pet Tinctures
300mg Pet Tinctures

300mg Pet Tinctures

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Welcome our CBD Pet Tinctures! 

We are thrilled to add CBD Pet Tinctures to our site, this is something we have been wanting to add for awhile and now they are finally here for your pets to benefit from! 

Many of us have pets that may benefit from some CBD just as we as pet parents have been benefitting from the amazing Hemp plant.

Maybe you have a dog who is full of anxiety? Maybe you have a animal that is facing an illness? Or a kitty that needs to go in a cat carrier but lets be real, they hatess it!! Let our CBD calm your animal back to a place of where they feel inner comfort! 


Place your pets dosage into their wet food, soak it in a treat or place directly in mouth. Start with a lower dose and move up to find what is best for your pet.