Featured Artist – Monrow Farms

Featured Artist

We are thrilled to announce our latest addition to Monrow Farms Website, we now have an artist of the month! Please check out our very first artist of the month featuring Merritt Gade from Austin, Texas.

Merritt Gade has been crafting unique jewelry in Austin, Texas since 2009. Her jewelry craft is organic, simple, and unique, with a focus on wirework that incorporates gemstones and wood. Merritt is inspired by nature, other artists, and places she has traveled like Istanbul, Spain, and the Pacific Northwest. She creates jewelry because she loves working with her hands and with tools. "Making something beautiful out of thin air is exciting and fulfilling--an idea becoming reality is powerful" quotes Gade. Merritt connects with her creative inspiration at art museums, in her backyard and on local trails, and by taking every opportunity to get to new places as often as possible.  

Enjoy some of Merritt's gorgeous and hand crafted art.