Taz's Gift 6 CBD Pre-Rolls – Monrow Farms
Taz's Gift 6 CBD Pre-Rolls
Taz's Gift 6 CBD Pre-Rolls
Taz's Gift 6 CBD Pre-Rolls

Taz's Gift 6 CBD Pre-Rolls

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Harvested: 2020

Taz's Gift 6-one gram CBD Pre-Rolls Only here at Monrow Farms

An amazing blend of top-shelf CBD Flower and conveniently provided in a child proof, recycled paper container. We take our Sour Space Candy, Hawaiian Haze and Kush CBD flower and combine them in such a ratio that creates a very unique smoking experience. All three of these are amazing on their own but once combined, the flavors and effects combine to create a melody of possibility. 

If you know TAZ then you know he won't put up with any poor quality CBD flower and that is why we work with him.    

These are hand rolled and packed perfectly for next time you need a quick smoke on the go! 

 Strain Overview:

floral/sweet/ in Taste 
Relaxing/Body Ease
Slowing racing/anxious thoughts  


Cannabinoid Overview:

Total Cannabinoids: 21.6%
Total CBD: 16.8%
Total CBG: 0.55%
Delta 9 THC: .1%