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Gass Station Gouda CBD Pre-Roll

Gass Station Gouda CBD Pre-Roll

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1 Gram Hand Rolled King Size Pre-Roll

Gass Station Gouda is an exclusive strain, that cannot be found just anywhere. This is a Sativa Dominant Flower, with CBD as the dominant cannabinoid at 13% total CBD and a TOTAL THC amount of 0.22%

This beautiful Sativa is ready to help you gain mental clarity and move you through your day with ease. This strain helps with elevating moods and can have great aid in anti-inflammatory properties within the body.

Strain Overview: 

Hybrid: Sativa Feel

Taste & Smell: Citrus/Sweet/Sour

Effects: Mental Focus/Motivation/Clarity & Ease 

Potential Health Benefits: Lowers anxiety/anti-inflammatory 

Cannabinoid Overview:

Total CBD: 13%

CBDA: 14.4%

Delta 9 THC: 0.03%

Total Cannabinoids: 15.5%


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