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Cherry Abacus Pre-Roll
Cherry Abacus Pre-Roll
Cherry Abacus Pre-Roll

Cherry Abacus Pre-Roll

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Harvested: 2020

Cherry Abacus CBD Hemp Flower Pre-Roll

This fruity Indica strain is full flavor and mental ease. Its ready to inspire your mind, body & soul with its sweet-fruity-floral aroma and taste, very similar to our Abacus II Hemp Flower. After a few full inhales of this fruity-sweet strain, you are sure to relax and separate all those fears and anxiety's you felt weighing on you. With the relaxation comes mental ease and focus, this strain could serve great at anytime of the day. This powerful strain helps you feel warm inside with a sense of peace and calming. 

These are hand rolled and packed perfectly for next time you need a quick smoke on the go! 


Strain Overview:

- Indica

- Fruity/Floral Aroma and Taste 

- Relaxing/Body Ease

- Mental Focus

- Aids in Slowing racing/anxious thoughts  


Cannabinoid Overview:

- Total Cannabinoids: 17.8%

- Total CBD: 14%

- Total CBG: 0.63%

- Delta 9 THC: .1%