Win It Wednesday 04/28 – Monrow Farms

Win It Wednesday 04/28

Win It Wednesday 04-28-2021

Hey Everyone! It's Win It Wednesday again and we are here to update you with this weeks prize! 

Place an order with us this Wednesday and automatically be entered to win our giveaway. 


This week one lucky winner will receive 1oz of our just released Lifter CBD Hemp Flower, along with the flower we will add a Raw Fluorite Crystal and a pack of King size Raw rolling papers. 

Check out more details on Lifter and Fluorite Crystal. 

Lifter CBD Hemp Flower:

Medium to large flowers with a smooth smoke that uplifts your mind, body and soul. The buds are dense and beautiful with such a deliciously-sweet & bold taste on the inhale. 

This Sativa dominant flower is a great daytime smoke, it helps keep your mind clear and focused for any task at hand.

Lifter CBD Hemp Flower (

Raw Rainbow Fluorite Crystal:

Fluorite is a stunning stone that is believed to help calm the troubled mind and promote relaxation. You can try placing it by your bed to see if it helps improve your sleep and aids in remembering your DREAMS. This crystal flashes colors of purples, blues, greens, white and maybe even a rainbow! Each piece will vary in size and colors slightly as we are dealing with the Earths Gifts! Each piece is special and full of love, just waiting for the right person to find a home with.  

Fluorite Crystal (


  • Timothy, Ellis

    I just want to say I admire your passion and wish to taste some the strains I offer.
    Times are hard everywhere. I’ve been disabled sense 2016 from stroke. I never thought the United States would let DANGEROUS germs INFECTION BE UNLEASH ON OUR SOIL..

  • John Fink

    Pick me 🤞🏻🤞🏻Would luv to try ur flower heard nothing but great things about ur company

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