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What To Look For When Buying Top Shelf CBD Flower


When you are shopping for CBD Flower online and you see the term ‘top shelf CBD Hemp Flower’ you may wonder what that term means. The term ‘top shelf’ refers to the highest premium quality or the very best.


However, how do you know if the CBD Flower is truly top shelf or if the company is merely using that term to promote their brand? Let’s look at the characteristics of CBD Flower that determine a true top shelf status so that you can be assured you are buying prime hemp flower.

Concentration Of CBD And Overall Potency

Smoking top shelf CBD Flower is popular because it delivers immediate effects and benefits. However, in order to experience strong effects the CBD Flower needs to have a strong CBD concentration as well as the other cannabinoids such as, CBN, CBGA, CBC and CBDV, to name a few.

Another factor is the profile of terpenes in the strain. This can be determined by looking at the cannabinoid and terpene profile for that strain. This information is usually provided in the third party lab report for each strain on the website, or at least it should be, or in the strain description, particularly if it is being sold as top shelf CBD Flower.

A varied chemical profile that has a lot of cannabinoids and terpenes will indicate a strong potency that characterizes top shelf hemp flower.

Yes! Appearance Does Matter!

 When selecting CBD Flower, appearance really does matter. Top shelf hemp flower has an overall visual appeal that can be determined, even online, by looking closely at the high-quality close up pictures of the flower strain.


When it comes to top shelf CBD flower, the brighter the colors and the more hair and frosty looking crystals (trichomes) the better the quality. When you look at the picture of the bud closely, it will have an inviting appeal that just makes you want to light it up, so that you can experience that delicious taste and feel the wondrous effects!

What About Aroma?

 Obviously you cannot actually smell the aroma of CBD Flower online. However, you can have a virtual aroma experience! Terpenes are what give the strain its unique aroma and by looking at the terpene profile, which is often provided in the description, you can find out about the smell of the strain.


Terpenes like Limonene have a citrus smell, Myrcene is earthy and fruity, Pinene has a pine scent and Caryophyllene is peppery; and by reading about the strain’s distinct terpene profile you can understand the aroma, as well as the flavor profile. After all, smell and taste are closely connected!

Top Shelf CBD Flower Comes From Superior Farming Practices!

The growing conditions, and farming practices, of the hemp crop are the determining element of top shelf hemp flower. Organically grown, chemical free, no-till, hands on craft farming practices produce the highest quality CBD Flower.

Also, slow dried and cured hemp flower is an important handcraft farming practice that locks in the beneficial Cannabinoids and Terpenes, which are the essence of a true premium quality Top Shelf CBD Flower!

Do you have questions about your selection of Monrow Farms Top Shelf CBD Flower? Please contact us or leave a comment below! We love helping you select the perfect CBD Flower for your personal needs!


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