Monrow Farms Has Partnered With 1% For The Planet: We Are Giving Back

Monrow Farms Has Partnered With 1% For The Planet: We Are Giving Back To Support Our Natural Environment!

Monrow Farms Has Partnered With 1% For The Planet: We Are Giving Back To Support Our Natural Environment!


Monrow Farms is dedicated to working in synergy with nature and supporting the environment in all of our farming practices. Now we have partnered with 1% For The Planet, who’s mission is to “..bring dollars and doers together to accelerate smart environmental giving”. We are very excited to be a part of this global effort of support and we would like you, our customers, to know how your support for our Monrow Farms products allows you to be partnered with us in this excellent endeavor.


What Exactly Is 1% For The Planet and How Does it Work?


1% For The Planet is a growing global movement, that since their beginning in 2002, have certified more than $250 million in support to approved environmental non-profits.


The eligibility for non-profits, according to the 1% For The Planet website is:

1% for the Planet approved nonprofit partners are carefully vetted environmental organizations that are eligible to receive funding from our members. Our nonprofit network is always evolving and our team works hard to bring on new, vetted nonprofits that meet certain criteria and drive real, measurable environmental outcomes. To date, we have worked with thousands of vetted environmental nonprofit partners in over 60 countries in our network.”


The core issues of support, which are supported by 1% For The Planet for the various non-profits are, climate, food, land, pollution, water and wildlife.


Monrow Farms has joined their Business Membership Model, which includes:


  • Committing to donate the equivalent of 1% of gross sales, through a combination of approved promotional support, directly to environmental non-profits.

  • 1% for the Planet advises Monrow Farms with the environmental nonprofits that align with our values, and our brand, in order to make the most impact possible.

  • Monrow Farms can then donate directly, without an intermediary!


1% for the Planet “looks to the nonprofit partners for solutions to address the most pressing environmental issues of our time.”

These nonprofits operate where traditional markets exist. This allows them to address the issues in a very targeted way and therefore develop the expertise to “drive solutions that other entities can’t.”


Monrow Farms is proactively selecting our nonprofit partners that align with the dedication to preserving our land and the ecosystems that are so important for natural food and herb production.


Monrow Farms has been dedicated to organic farming practices, like our no-till farming, which allows for the natural ecosystem to do the work of natural protection and nourishment of the soil. This means that Monrow Farms eliminates the necessity of additional nutrients or chemical additives.


What that means to our customers is, pure, organic CBD Flower and CBD products, with all of the natural benefits! What that means to the environment is, the preservation and maintenance of the natural ecosystem of our land here at Monrow Farms.


Now, with our partnership with 1% for the Planet, we can give back, on a global scale, to support sustainable practices that will have an impact on preserving our beautiful planet!


For more information about 1% for the Planet and ways you might like to get involved, visit their website!


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